Graphical tool for Analysis with Processing and Control IP5 library

Reference link:

IDE for graphical stuff: Processing ide

GUI Library for Processing:

Good graphical tool and cross platform


Original: from author above


After modified:

Screenshot from 2017-03-09 11-10-49

I follow the above instruction and modify the tool a little to fit with demand

  1. Remove the bar graph cause I don’t need it
  2. Add the slider to see past value. The author graph only show current 100 samples. I modified the memory’s size that can save up to 1000 samples and the graph will show current 150 samples. If you want to see the past graph, just slide backward.
  3. Add the cursor to see real value on the graphic. Hover your mouse to graph and you can see the real value of that sample (graph is already scaled but cursor is displayed real magnitude, not scaled)
  4. Change position of color. This is a minor changing but user friendly. We normally use first three colors and they should be dark color to see easily. I choose Blue, Purple, and Red as first three colors


4. advance tool that Processing send back value to Arduino

User guide:

  1. upload code on arduino or any mcu with Uart port
  2. download Processing and add the library
  3. run the processing



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