This is tutorial for pull the new feed from group that you are a member (no matter what it is closed or public) or pull the new feed from your account

This tutorial use version 2.3 because from 2.4 facebook not allow to pull the newfeed of user, and feed of group either.

First get the permission to access


click on Get Accses Token

Then search for group id


we can use search command or v2.3/me/groups

to see all groups that you are member or admin

then you can have the group id. Imagine that id is name of that particular group or any object on facebook.



Then we can pull the feed from that group by



similarly, we can pull the user new feed by



  1. Remember to switch to v2.3
  2. Check on read_stream on get token access. Note that only when we switch to v2.3, we see the read-stream option